Our Story

Fikrah Gallery

We at Fikrah Gallery are dedicated to explore ways that inspire dialogue, and communicate the values and learnings that have inspired us by using the modalities of art and expressing them using powerful insightful, creative and minimalistic design.

Our Products

Every creation offered at Fikrah Gallery is more than a product. We aim to detect broader patterns by combining conceptual ideas and to contextualize them in the form of designs that invoke thought and to communicate those ideas that carry elements of creativity, our products are made with the purpose to combine the core values of Islam and lay them out for everyone one to understand, learn and benefit from.

Who's Making Our Products

We’re passionate about great design and equally passionate about seeking out ways to encourage, support and collaborate with local craftsmen and encourage & contribute to their professional and economical growth.

We Believe in Giving Back!

At Fikrah we spend our days finding ways all in hopes of making your experience rewarding and meaningful.

As we keep working to make efforts to give back, share happiness and take care of those around us, we hope to make you a part of it.

On every purchase you make, we will contribute 5% from our total profit. 

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